Core Values

Please ask yourself if you are ready and willing to practice the following:


trust in the practitioner and the medicine – you may not know all of the details, but the work has your highest good in heart.


there may be no diagnosis provided for you over the course of your journey. While your mind may want to know, let your heart rejoice in the fact that holistic medicine does not need a western diagnosis to treat a disharmony.


healing is not linear and often takes steps backward to enhance forward; know that every time you show up for yourself, you will gain traction in the big picture of your wellness.


your journey is for you only but I’d be honored to be a partner. Thriving contains many components including but not limited to: diet, movement, emotional regulation, solid relationships, open and transparent communication, time in nature, proper sleep and more. The facilitation of acupuncture/herbal medicine is extremely powerful in conjunction with your desire and effort to be well. You will get significantly more out of your treatments if you want to take on this endeavor. If the desire is present, the effort and work will feel harmonious.


for yourself and others – nothing is perfect, life is messy, the universe is highly complex and intricate. Love and forgive yourself for who you are and where you are at any moment.

As your Chinese Medicine provider, I will practice the above tenants as well as the following:


hear your story and listen to the nuances and intricacies that make your life uniquely yours.


let go of a pre-planned outcome for you and allow the day, the pulse, the energy and the story to lead the way.


come as you are, there is no judgement.

Intuition & Knowledge

allow for a dynamic integration of intuition and many years and hours of training, self-study and clinical practice.


life is practice and all I can guarantee is that I will show up fully and do my best.


to the medicine, to a partnership with you.