What does Wild Elements mean?

Wild Elements has several meanings behind its name, capturing the concept of TCM and its wide breadth of approaches. Part of the beauty in this medicine is that there are many pathways to the same destination, and every practitioner uses an art along with science to direct which path will be taken. A foundational basis for TCM lies in nature and a harmony between the five elements. Within every human being also lies the five elements as a reflection of our connection and similarities with nature. We need fire and water, wood, earth and even metal.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all of the elements should remain in a constant balance, ebbing and flowing; ever-changing to create health and wellness. Just as we dislike raging forest fires, extreme hurricanes, earthquakes and the like, so do our bodies. When the elements are wild, it’s time for some balancing. Wild elements within the physiological body can show up as (not limited to): headaches, digestive issues, muscle aches, joint pain, chronic fatigue, constipation, and so much more!